The future is You, The Future is CoVEX.
CoVEX is a unique trading platform which provides a set of decentralized solutions through blockchain.

CoVEX is building the Blockchain nexus of the future. Startups, small and large businesses rely on our data and range of services to power their decision-making. We are a group of expert developers, traders, analysts and evangelists that believe in the paradigm shift that the blockchain represents.

Our line of offering includes:
  • Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • Social Trading
  • Margin Trading & Lending
  • P2P Loan
  • Prepaid Card and Payment Gateway
  • ICO Underwriting services
CoVEX smart contract is based on the next-generation ERC223. Traders can trade and exchange cryptocurrencies, copy trade skills and compete with each other’s trades within their trading groups. In other words, we are taking social/copy trading, margin trading, and payment gateways to a transparent, highly secure and reliable way. The CoVEX token—which will be implemented on Ethereum Blockchain under ERC223 standards—will act as a reward generating cryptocurrency. It will allow the token holders to receive bonus in the form of transaction fees.
Ultimately, our platform will make trading accessible to everyone and improve the overall user experience. Our platform will transform the foundation of crypto markets such as startups, incumbents, traders, consumers, and merchants into a viable ecosystem that boosts mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.
Our mission is to bring this disruptive technology to the entire world population in an effective, seamless and accessible way.
We see the Blockchain as an antidote to the centralization of power, thus returning freedom to the people to make financial decisions and prosper, undeterred.


CoVEX assertive R & D team is developing a stable, secure platform. The CoVEX platform will allow traders not only exchange cryptocurrency but also share their ideas, copy trade skills and compete with others’ trades within the CoVEX network. We believe social aspect between traders, and sharing information is invaluable.
CoVEX provide hybrid trading platform to traders with excellent trading tools, volatility alerts, market update, current news and the dedicated team of customer support.
Most cryptocurrency exchanges were developed by enthusiasts who do not have the requisite technological maturity of maintaining them. As a result, current crypto exchanges face the following changes:
  • » Downtime Loss:Frequent downtimes have led to significant financial losses to crypto users who are unable to place and modify their trades, especially during high market volatilities
  • » Security:Most crypto-exchanges are mired in security breaches and have led to the massive theft of funds; and
  • » Poor User Interface:New users are discouraged from using cryptocurrencies when they sign up for crypto exchanges because of the poor user interface.

Our Line of services aimed at tackling inherent problems in the cryptocurrency exchange space are:
» Cross-border Crypto Currencies-Exchange Platform : We will create opportunities for traders and investors to buy, sell and exchange their favourite cryptocurrencies at current and determined prices. No more merchant fees and credit card fees. Pay only the real cost and get the most out of your Cryptocurrency with the lowest exchange rates. Considering you've got to pay a network fee every time you want to transfer cryptocurrency, it’s totally understandable that you would want to avoid excessive exchange fees.

» Social Trading Platform: CoVEX offers you a plethora of carefully vetted and approved professional trade managers that you can follow and rely on when making up your portfolio as an investor. We vet new and old traders periodically and new traders who have a proven track of success can join our professional trade managers team.
Our platform will allow users to set their funds and tokens to copy-trade form top traders and top traders can share their trading experience with the new users which helps new investor to learn more about market. The platform is transparency and security will be enhanced, thereby giving users complete control of their trading funds and investments.
Our platform provides an easy-to-use interface that would keep you up with the best traders that have a proven record of profitable trades and apply their knowledge for your benefit.

» Cross-border Margin Trading: For traders with a limited amount of crypto resources, i.e. Bitcoin and altcoins, there is the option of margin trading in order to add leverage to the investment. This, in fact, increases the amount invested without having to actually hold the assets. Our platform will allow traders to borrow or lend tokens for margin trading.

» CoVEX Payment Gateway: Our payment gateway will allow our users to effortlessly trade between cryptos and fiat currencies in future such as the USD, GBP, and the EUR. In future, the wallet service will be complemented by prepaid cards or credit card which will let users quickly access their funds.

» P2P Loan Service: CoVEX will be implementing a platform that allows lenders to issue loans to borrowers based on a selecting credit decision package. It will be specified by ML algorithms which scores the recommended fraud, identity and other credit rating agencies. Before the mass adoption of cryptocurrency, there very few safe options for lending. CoVEX aims to provide a swift and cost-effective solution to this dilemma with its line of services. CoVEX offers lending and credit option to its users. You can earn interest by lending and borrow with relative ease.

» ICO Underwritings: CoVEX has an underlying standard to underwrite high-quality, promising ICOs that have passed stringent due diligence, smart contract code review, and legal compliance by our expert ICO review department. CoVEX will provide complete package for new ICO starter helping them with smart contract code reviews, and legal compliance.

We believe in the unique proposition that makes CoVEX and what we are trying to bring into the market. We look forward to guiding new ICOs all through the way.

CoVEX Exchange CoVEX

» System Security: CoVEX is tailored for everyday use and provides a robust and secure environment for your Cryptocurrency. Direct transactions, instant exchange. Accessible 24/7 worldwide on your laptop, desktop or mobile devices alike. Bank-grade security and next generation account protection. Encrypted SSL connection over HTTPS, 2-factor authentication and trusted IPs.

» Discount in Trading:Our discount in trading feature ensures that CoVEX holder with more than 3, 000 CoVEX Coins will be entitled to 50% discount in buying and selling fees.

» Invitation bonus and referral program:Join CoVEX referral program to earn up to 10% in commissions just by introducing new users to our platform. All it takes is a link and a post. Simply sign up to receive your referral link and post it on your site, social networks, or any other place on the web.

» Rewards program and Loyalty:If you keep making transactions while holding the CoVEX token, you will receive a 50% bonus reward. Rewards Program will also allow you to earn extra CoVEX token. We understand the true value of building and developing an initiative and have made reward program and loyalty a core part of the CoVEX dream.

» Professional Support to platform users: CoVEX’s support teams is a 24/7 response unit dedicated to ensuring the quality of service is top-notch and our users are satisfied. Any technical issue faced by a user will be resolved immediately. You can contact our customer service department. They work round the clock to serve you better.

» Mobile and Desktop App: We offer both Mobile and Desktop App solutions that will be synchronized in real-time. We also offer several advanced features with full interface customization and various themes available.

CoVEX assertive R & D team is developing a stable, secure platform. When CoVEX competes its’ development, it will be truly a one stop platform.

Inside CoVEX platform, traders not only exchange cryptocurrency but also share their ideas, copy trade skills and compete with others’ trades within the CoVEX network. We believe social aspect between traders, and sharing information is invaluable. CoVEX provide hybrid trading platform to traders with excellent trading tools, volatility alerts, market update, current news and the dedicated team of customer support.

  • Financial Safety
  • Multiple Cryptocurrency Support
  • System Security
  • High Perfomance Engine
  • Unique facilities for learner to export
  • Financial Level Stability
  • Daily Bonus dividing between CoVEX Holders
  • Invitation Bonus
  • Copy trade
  • Provides 24/7 online customer services

Token Sale CoVEX

Why should you buy our token?

Most financial institutions and individuals still don’t get cryptocurrency. They want to short the market because they’re blinded by being so late to the party on this one.

Buy and sell cryptocurrencies in a CoVEX exchange! At CoVEX Market you have total control of your money and deal directly with the platform and other users in our blockchain.

  1. 1. We have an Incentive for Stake (IFS) model that is designed specifically to maintain a continuous rewards program for CoVEX Token Holders.
  2. 2. Earn more CoVEX tokens based on a host of referral and invitation program features.
  3. 3. CoVEX will list over 100 cryptocurrencies for spot trading within few months after the platform goes live
  4. 4. We are a globally available trading platform.
  5. 5. A growing network of internationally-recognized partners
  6. 6. We strongly believe that the CoVEX token will become one of the most distributed tokens in Ethereum network!

We ideate, produce, sell and obtain feedback. We have a working system and promise to actualize all our targets – which will invariably lead to a rise in value of our token. ICO’s and all its camaraderie help enhance Corporate Brand Awareness. We are not a start-up, we will not wait for any individual or institution.

CoVEX Token is Privately Funded & Fees Distribution Cryptocurrency.


Start 12th May 2018

End 8th June 2018

Number of tokens


1 ETH = 3000 CoVEX

1st ICO

Start 7th July 2018

End 3rd August 2018

Number of tokens


1 ETH = 2000 CoVEX

2nd ICO

Start 1sth September 2018

End 30th September 2018

Number of tokens


1 ETH = 1000 CoVEX

Distribution of tokens


Use of proceeds


Token Sale CoVEX

Compatible Wallets

MyEtherWallet (no download needed)
MetaMask (Firefox and Chrome browser addon) Recommended
Mist (Desktop)
Parity (Desktop)
inToken (iPhone)
inToken (Android)
Trust (iPhone)
Trust (Android)
Cipher (iPhone)
Cipher (Android)

Incompatible Wallets

Do not use the following wallets to participate CoVEX token sale. First move your ETH to a compatible wallet in the above list:

Any Bitcoin exchange
Any Ethereum exchange

Whitepaper CoVEX

Full Whitepaper
Token Sales Term
Legal Terms & Condition
Lite Whitepaper
Lite Whitepaper
Lite Whitepaper
Lite Whitepaper
Lite Whitepaper
Lite Whitepaper
Lite Whitepaper
Lite Whitepaper
Lite Whitepaper
Lite Whitepaper
Lite Whitepaper
Lite Whitepaper
Lite Whitepaper
Lite Whitepaper

Roadmp CoVEX

Initial concept and First Board Meeting

Q3 2017

Technical team was formed for Project, domain registered and website

Q4 2017

Marketing team and legal team formed, white paper

Q1 2018

Alpha version of Exchange, Beta version of Exchange, Technical whitepaper and Pre- ICO

Q2 2018

First ICO, Second ICO and Live Exchange demonstration

Q3 2018

Live full Exchange

Q4 2018

Incubator service, Underwriting services

Q1 2019

  • P2P Loan Service Platform
  • Margin Trading & Lending Platform

Q2 2019

Payment gateway

Q3 2019

Prepaid Card Services

Q4 2019

ICO Calendar

Start Date End Date Quantity Price
2018-05-12 2018-06-08 3000000 Token 1 ETH = 3000 CoVEX
2018-07-07 2018-08-12 81250000 Token 1 ETH = 2000 CoVEX
2018-09-01 2018-09-30 81250000 Token 1 ETH = 1000 CoVEX

Powered by a Team CoVEX

The CoVEX Team combines with the passion for Blockchain, industry experise & proven record in Finance, Banking , Blockchain Development & Trading.

J. Mohan
Founder & CEO

J. Mohan

Founder & CEO

J. Mohan is expertise in Forex, Cyptocurrency Trading and business development risk management, Finance consultant in manufacturing, service & gaming industry. In 2001, J Mohan started MiDas Technology to fill what he saw as a void in the school and hospital management system in Nepal. Today MiDas Technology has grown from a small start-ups to 400 employees based in Kathmandu.

He holds professional accounting certificate, BSc (Hons) from University of Oxford Brookes and MSc Risk Management from Univeristy of Wales, United Kingdom.

J Mohan is an active investor and advisors in many SME in the United Kingdom. Over the years, J Mohan has diversified his involvement from software development to the range of other sectors, including beverage, consumable goods to beauty and fashion products in the UK SME.

Labu K. Ghimire
Co-Founder & COO

Labu K. Ghimire

Co-Founder & COO

Labu has been actively involved in Blockchain sector since 2015, working as a Binary option advisor for couple of firms in the UK. Founder of a Stock Broker company –DDK Pvt. Ltd. In Nepal, has more than six years of experience in stock exchange.

Labu is one of founders of a classified Nepali He has several years of work experience as a credit manager in one of the renowned commercial banks- NMB Bank, Nepal. He holds a Masters’ Degree in Finance and Investment from Tribhuwan University accomplished in 2006.

Jyoti Adhikari
Full Stack Developer

Jyoti Adhikari

Full Stack Developer

He is highly motivated software professional who likes challenges, has made a personal commitment to growth through lifelong learning and continuously applies his learning to achieve better results. He has utilized his in-depth knowledge of various processes, programming languages, tools and platforms to deliver business-focussed solutions for companies.

He key knowledge of software development based system with in demand on C#, ASP.NET , MVC , Azure , Java , JSP , Sencha , JQuery , AngularJS , AngularJS 2 , ReactJS , KnockoutJS , Node JS, ,IOS development using Swift ,NoSQL , SQL ,MongoDB , Redis , Unit Test , MS Test , Mocha and designing REST-full service APIs.

Junaid Nawaz
Backend Exchange Lead Developer

Junaid Nawaz

CoVEX Backend Exchange Lead Developer

Junaid demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Junaid is highly skilled in SQL, ASP.NET MVC, Databases, Software Project Management, crypto/blockchain development, investor, trading analyst. Junaid is responsible for building the CoVEX platform, payment gateway and all blockchain related features.

Reza Bakhshandeh
AI/Big Data Expert

Reza Bakhshandeh

AI/Big Data Expert

Reza Bakhshandeh is Crypto Design Architect/Blockchain, developer and AI/Big Data expert. Currently he is working in Boostinsinder Inc as a senior software Developer. He is a Co-Founder of DPTiva Co and worked as a project manager and Developer. He has developed several smart contracts over the years for number of company. He is an export in developing algorithm and AI. He holds Bachelors degree in Software Engineering and AI Masters’ Degrees from Shiraz University. He is an inventor of patent US9489401B1 with 14 years of work experience.

Peter NamisikoWanjala
Business & Product Development Head

Peter NamisikoWanjala

Head of Business & Product Development

Peter is an accomplished Scholar and Researcher in the Department of Information Technology, Mount Kenya University. Since 2011, he has been teaching various units such as Security and Cryptography, Network Programming, Data Structures, Artificial Intelligence among others. He is also an authority in Blockchain and Cryptosystems having authored many white papers, technical reports, and books on the subject.

In May 2014, he was appointed to the position of Associate Research Fellow at Mount Kenya University as a result of his outstanding research competencies. His current research interests are Blockchain/Cryptosystems, Machine Learning and Big Data. Besides authoring several journal articles in peer-reviewed international journals—with over 50 citations—he is also a reviewer of the African Journal of Information Systems (AJIS) and Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology (JCSIT).

Peter graduated with a B.Sc. (Hons). Degree in Computer Science from the Egerton University, Kenya, in 2007. He also holds an M.Sc. Degree in Telecommunications from the California Miramar University, San Diego.

Denis Rogovski
Legal Counsel

Denis Rogovski

Legal Counsel

Denis is a Legal Adviser for many Blockchain projects, came from bank sector to more innovative area for applying his banking experience in the Blockchain startup field. His experience is some mix of traditional and innovative financial and legal expertise. As a banking lawyer, he was strictly working with Fintech, e-money, payment systems, accounts and KYC/AML segments where was finding the most efficient legal solutions to develop innovative banking products.


Robbert Walstra
Board Advisor
Board Advisor
Board Advisor

Partners CoVEX

As seen in
Digital Journal
Silicon Investor

Frequently asked questions CoVEX

Frequently asked questions

CoVEX is a cryptocurrency platform that allows trading of crypto currencies. CoVEX will provide platform where traders can exchange cryptocurrency with sharing ideas, copy trade skills and compete with others’ trades in the within their trade/investment groups within. When CoVEX competes its development, it will be one stop platform where people can get exchange facility, payment facility and build up their own ICO project.

- There are more than 1400 alt-coins on the market; with more than 100 plus exchange houses but there is hardly a single exchange house, which does not suffer from poor technical architecture to insecure platform to poor customer services with high transaction fees to users. As we can layout current exchange house issues below;

  • • Poor Technical architecture
  • • Insecure Platform
  • • Poor Liquidity
  • • Poor Customer Service
  • • Poor Internationalization & Support Languages

CoVEX lies in its powerful R&D team, which ensures a world-class stability and service quality. In the meantime, CoVEX's capable operation team shall create a bright and prosperous future through long-term and large-scale online/offline promotion & operation.

  • • Instant Exchanges
  • • Social Trading features & Sophisticated Follow Trading
  • • Leveraged/Margin Trading
  • • P2P Loan
  • • Prepaid Cards
  • • Get to market fast with a fully managed on-boarding procedure
  • • Removes conflict between platform and traders

CoVEX has assembled Blockchain Developers, Cryptographers, System Analysts and Database Developers with decades of experience and proven track record in implementing related platforms.

CoVEX token is built on ERC223 technology base on Ethereum platform.

  • • Financial Saftey
  • • Multiple Cryptocurrency Support
  • • System Security
  • • High Perfomance Engine
  • • Financial Level Stability
  • • Daily Bonus dividing between COV Holders
  • • Invitation Bonus

We are working on our platform, which will be live in end of October 2018.

After the announcement of our ICO in Social pages and our website, participant can simply visit our website and fill the whitelist ICO form and apply to participate.

Bonus for Pre ICO – 1st week (form day start) 30%, 2nd week 20%, 3rd week 10%, 4th week and till end date 5% Bonus. For 1st ICO (Phase 2) 1st week 20%, 2nd week 10%, 3rd week 5%, 4th week No bonus. No Bonus for 2nd ICO (Phase 3).

The coin in based on smart contract generated by CoVEX. It is used to exchange different crypto currencies.

We are expecting to raise around 7,000 ETH in our Pre ICO and 30,000 ETH to 81,000 ETH in later our ICOs.

We will only issue in total 250,000,000 coins and from there 15% of the total issue will go to admin wallet for a year from the completion of ICO and remaining goes to the public. Besides this we do not issue any coin over the time.

The reason why you should buy CoVEX is that it is a one-stop platform which has addressed most of the problems faced by other crypto trading platforms and the CoVEX token is backed by the CoVEX platform.

We will only issue in total 250,000,000 tokens and from there 15% of the total issue will go to admin wallet for a year from the completion of ICO and remaining goes to the public. Besides this we do not issue any token over the time.

You cannot earn from the token but if they hold certain amount CoVEX token they can get discount on our platform every time you buy/sell and also get some reward form successful referral and fee distributions.

Immediately after the ICO, we’ll be releasing Exchange House. Afterwards, other platforms will be launched in the following order: Social Trading Platform, Tech Incubator, P2P Loan, Margin Trading and Payment Gateway.
The token in based on smart contract generated by CoVEX. It is used to exchange different crypto currencies.

CoVEX will supply total of 250,000,000 coins. Circulation of supply will depend on the ICO program, we will announce in our website about total coin availability once we complete our phase 3 ICO.

After ICO when your token goes in a market then eventually the initial price of the token will go up and the participant gets their return back not only that they get discount in exchange and commission.

Our all collected fund will be deposited in our admin wallet as an escrow account. The Funds will be used when we introduce our beta version.

There is always a risk in investing. The token values may go down during exchange or if governments stop all crypto currency the token value will be zero.
Our token doesn’t pay any dividend, we only provide a discount in exchange and commission to successful referral.

If the token remains unsold at Pre-ICO, the token will be allocated in the phase 2 and phase 3 ICOs and then to our Vault and later we will allocate the token for the different project. We will let our token holder know by an announcement.

We believe in community; our community and participant give us feedback about our project. Different people that are associated with the crypto community are on the advisory board.

We are using crypto in the CoVEX ecosystem. Fiat currencies will only require the physical goods. So, when you engage in crypto-to-crypto service, volatility would not matter.

Bounty is Program to reward our community who will be actively participating in our marketing campaign. We will reward as a blog writer, creative designer, active market partners.

If you refer us to your friends, you get additional 10% based on your friends’ purchased tokens. When introducing us to your friends, please inform your friends to provide us your registered email address.

  • • BTC
  • • ETH
  • • USDT
  • • NEO
  • • COVEX

Above list of trading pairs will be implement within first day of CoVEX’s platform launch, but more trading pairs will be added on request of our customers.

Contact CoVEX

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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